Nov 17, 2009

Christmas Crochet - Underway

I'm making many scarves....I've made 2 Baktus scarves...what a great pattern.

I'm working on a simple, but warm and pretty sweater for my sis....The Side to Side Cowl Neck Sweater...very cute and very easy, so far....almost done with the body of the sweater.

Also, Mom has asked me to make her a small blanket for her new car. Oddly enough, she also crochets, but she claims that her attention span has been short recently. I told her, yes.....I'm making it using the pattern that resembles little rows of kitty heads.

For Marc I made a Crazy Scarf...this pattern is fantastic. So easy and so cool. I used a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in some manly ombre colors. I hope he likes it.....keep him warm in the dungeon.

I plan to make Heather (sis), a pair of fingerless gloves and a matching scarf. Same, maybe for Mom, or maybe just mittens (last year she made noises about wanting a pair).

Sep 23, 2009


Wedding plans are underway...again....things are changing rapidly and not always for the better.
We might move the wedding date closer....not b/c I have any secrets to extol, but b/c I've sort of always wanted to get married in January or February (not Valentine's Day). Sometimes it's funny to try and reconcile "growing up" with the past; at least, from my point of view.

Now, onto other "stuff". Almost time to start my holiday knitting/crochet extravaganza. First, I'm working on a shawl for my friend Jen's birthday. The pattern is the Doily Shawl from the Lion Brand Website. I've attached the Ravelry link for it though. This pattern is written by Doris Chan, one of my favorite designers. It's going very smoothly and I hope to finish it by Friday. Fingers crossed. It's such a lovely pattern and I'm also using 2 strands together, but a Bernat Cool Crochet yarn and a Caron Simply Soft. It's a soft beige color. I promise to try and be more motivated and attach pictures. If I do not attach them here, then I will try my best to attach them to the my ravelry project page....which doesn't exist yet....ahem.

Take Care!

Aug 20, 2009

Hmmm....Summer is almost gone

I always wonder how people seem to have enough energy and ideas to write in their blogs.  I, on the other hand, am rather lazy.  I have many projects that I would love to blog about.  I also have many things going on in my life that I would like to share, but alas....I am rather lazy.
I think that I try a little bit harder to get on here and do some blogging...I haven't even updated Ravelry.  I haven't even pulled photos from my camera since early July!  I mean, what kind of serious, or at least responsible blogger just coldly ignores her responsibilities??  Me!
My real problem with blogging is the fact that I find that it isn't easy.  I have a difficult time using Blogger.  The way the photo adding function works and the weird quirks to the system, make me reluctant to spend the amount of time necessary to make sure that my blog looks nice, is consistent, and has no blatant errors in it.
If anyone wants to offer any advice for how to better update my blog, while including photos, I am all ears.
My goal is to do my photos tomorrow and to update my blog AND Ravelry as well.  I'm sure that no one is worried about my blog status, as I doubt strongly that anyone reads it but me....::sighs::  All is well and Good Night.

May 1, 2009

I'm back and 95% healthy

Hello...finally, I'm mostly back to normal. No more vertigo, no more ear infection (mostly). Back to work and everything. There's nothing like having all that time off of work and not really enjoying it b/c you can't drive anywhere or walk all that well. At one point, hold onto your needles peeps, I couldn't even crochet! Made me quite queasy. I also had to push and prod coworkers and my insurance company to help me figure out this whole "short term disability" mess. Oh fun memories.
Crafty time. So I have an FO to share, some kitty pics, some house pics, and a pic of a man doing what a man should...ahem...sorry (my opinion...I know).

Pattern: Short Skirt from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall; I raved about the book here.
Yarn: Red Heart Designer Sport 3770 Berry (used 2.5 skeins)
Hook(s): H (5.0mm) and J (6.0mm)
Made for: Me
Notes: Please see my Ravelry project for notes

All of my other projects are still on hold. I want to finish my Shell Shell and then maybe I will start something else. We shall see.

So, I've been busy b/c my backyard looks like this:

But, we've done some cleaning up, and now it looks like this:

Don't look at the trash bag that is in both photos...ahem...totally laying out there for like weeks....I'm such a responsible adult...pfft. In those big black trash bags is the pool liner, cut up into pieces, along with the styrofoam lining (hello....not environmentally friendly). Also, if you look carefully at the second photo you can see our neatly rolled up aluminum pool shell. We are going to recycle it, and we get money too....$$$
Still a lot of work to do, keep us in your good landscaping thoughts.

Here's a shamelessly cute photo of kitty little:

Here's a shamelessly cute photo of a man, my man doing his job....tee hee:

Apr 20, 2009


Just a quick post for today.
I've been out sick from work for just over two weeks with an ear infection and associated vertigo....vertigo means that I can't drive about stir crazy.
I have been crafting...ahem...a lot...and in between Xbox 360, and I will have pics when I get some motivation and put them on my comp.

Apr 5, 2009

Crafty Update

Before I start with my crafty update, I will show you our new bedroom:

Pattern: Shell Envelope Clutch by Casey Adamson
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Hook: H/5.0mm
Made for: Not sure if I'm going to give it away; I want to make it firmer b/c it's slightly floppy.
Notes: Very simple and easy to make. Great for beginners who are done with making scarves or potholders.

Pattern: Winter Dream by April Moreland
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Pale Green
Hook: I/5.5mm
Made for: 12" Square 2009 CAL on Ravelry; March square
Notes: I liked this pattern, lovely.

Pattern: Esther's Square by Chris Simon
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Pale Green and White/gray mill ends (100% acrylic)
Hook: H/5.0mm
Made for: 12" Square 2009 CAL on Ravelry; January square 2
Notes: I decided to make this square because I want to make the blanket larger. I'm going to make all the other squares of the previous months, BEFORE I make the April squares. It's my own little deadline.

Now that my FOs are shown, I can talk about some of the other stuff that I'm working on.
Right now I'm on the front of the Elegant Shell by Lion Brand. It's made with Bernat Satin Olive Mist Heather. I love this yarn and this pattern is really lovely. I will hopefully finish by the end of this week. We shall see.
I've also started with a bathmat. In mentioning this project I can also talk about the Dizzy Sheep. If you are any kind of yarn fanatic ( me), they have great yarns on sale...different one for each day.
So, I got this Lana Grossa yarn ($0.99/skein 50gr). It's called Tender and it's bicolored. It's fuzzy and perfect for a bathmat and b/c it's so inexpensive it actually makes it worth it. It wasn't on their website, so I included a link to yarndex. The bathmat is just done in double crochet and with an I Hook it's going really really quickly.

I'm also working on a simple knit shawl, my first shawl, so I'm excited about that. My other shawl is coming along, slowly but's sort of my go to project when I'm done with something else. I'm also thinking of knitting a button curtain (if I decide to do it I will talk more about it).

Mar 27, 2009

"It's been a while.....since" the last time I posted

No excuses from me, but I will give you a list of what I've been up to....
We decided to repaint our bedroom, finally, we've been putting it off because of the work that we would have to invest. So, the previous owners put up some kind of border along the top of the walls (all of them) and it's a texture. The stuff was like cement. We sanded for hours...needless to say, we could not get it anywhere near as flat as the wall and there was approximately five coats of paint on top of it. We ( then spackled to try and fill in whatever gaps were in between the "stipples". Then it was time to......any guesses.....yes, that's right.....SAND. So we sanded the spackle nice and smooth. Then we applied primer. Then we painted the ceiling. Today we painted the first wall color, which is the main color that will be on three of the walls. Tomorrow we will paint the accent color. I will include pictures when it's all done.
I started a shawl pattern, that I don't have the specs for at the moment, but when it's done I will add them. I'm still working on my Lacy Shawl (RAV link) and I've been naughty because I haven't finished my March square yet....and March is almost over...yikes fits well here, I suppose. The square is from the 2009 12" CAL on Ravelry.
I recieved the next installment of my Annie's Hook & Needle Kit Club. It's for a teddy bear. This is totally something that I would not normally make if I hadn't gotten the kit from this club. It's super cute.
I decided to frog the Crochet Today sweater that I was making. The yarn and pattern just weren't going to work together. I have to find another use for the yarn....we shall see.
Herrshcners is so great, I ordered more yarn b/c the sale was irresistable. I found an online coupon and that's great too. I've also been commissioned to make another Thumbkin Frog. They are really cute and easy. I sincerely enjoyed making it. I also finished a purse....simple envelope style. I basically crocheted a rectangle and then sewed up the bottom 2/3 of it to create the pouch. I may attach some buttons, or great brave and add some crochet embroidery. I will include pictures when it's officially complete.
I just got my two Interweave crochet issues, the Winter and Spring. I've excitedly looked thorugh them and plans are dancing through my we shall see.
My wedding plans are still toddling along. We are going to fly down to the Keys in May to check out some venues and locations. We also want to make sure that the weather will be nice for that time of year.
I will be back very soon with some updated objects.

Mar 10, 2009

St St Blankie

I finished my stockinette stitch blanket today, just 30 minutes ago. I immediately took photos, AND uploaded them onto my computer. I'm so proud of myself. I'm usually rather lazy.
That's why you haven't seen my thumbkin frog until now as well.
First I will show you blankie, then I will show you froggie. Enjoy!

Mar 8, 2009


I started planning my wedding....we have been dragging our feet slightly because of all the issues surrounding our engagement. I hate to use this as a complaining spot, but just to be clear about my situation. Rob is Jewish and I am not. This is the basis of the problems we are having, and only from his family. I guess their own selfish needs are more important than his future...what can I say?
Anyways, we are trying to work around this little snafu by planning a type of destination wedding with a very very liberal Rabbi.
Right now we are looking at the Florida keys or Harbour Island in the Bahamas. I'm excited by either of these prospects, with the keys being more practical for us and our family members who would want to attend the ceremony.
All ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Right now we are looking for an officiate, a location and trying to see if things will be open on the date we have chose, May 20, 2010.
Thanks for listening....or well, reading anyway!
Crochet/Knit Stuff: I have been working on my St St Blanket. That's about all at the moment and it's being worked on b/c it's suitably mindless. I want to just finish it and I have about a foot left and I think it shouldn't take too much longer. I'm very happy to be almost complete with my first "big" knit project. I've also been working on my scrap hexagon afghan. I think that will take a long long time to finish b/c I plan on only really using scraps. So, as I generate scrap yarn, I will make the hexagons and add them to the blanket. Right now I have about 12 hexagons complete and attached. I'm excited b/c it looks so ridiculous. I really really want to start a new knit project, but I think I will wait until I, at least, finish the st st blanket.

Feb 24, 2009

Crochet Block....

On Sunday, after I finished my sweater, I hit a stumbling block....a form of writer's block, but for crocheters.  I couldn't find another project to make.  I searched through online web pages and my stash of patterns (I have hundreds), but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to make. 
I had a few criteria for creation:
1.  I wanted it to be a sweater
2.  I didn't want it to be made with a zipper, I think it would be too casual for work
3.  I wanted it to be slightly fitted (this is where I had the most trouble), maybe not fitted, but with structure
4.  I needed the sleeves to not be baggy, this always seems to be a problem with crochet sweaters
5.  I really wanted to attempt knitting one, but I'm still a little nervous about my knitting skills.
Those are most of my "normal" criteria; I had plenty of the neurotic kind.
While lying in bed Sunday night, trying to fall asleep, my mind kept floating around my other UFOs and how I shouldn't start a new project just because I had finished my sweater.  I have my blanket to finish, the shawl/scarf that I really want to complete.  I'd like to use that before the weather gets to warm.  But, the need to create something new kept nagging at me and nagged at me all through the day yesterday (monday).
I got home from work and immediately sat down again with my patterns, I narrowed it down and then I opened up an issue of Crochet Today , the September issue .  I found this pattern, the Perfect Fall Sweater .  I really like this and as I read through the pattern and started swatching, I knew that this would be perfect (with some modifications, of course).  So, I started it last night and I will probably make the sleeves shorter, shorten the length (b/c it looks like a coat), remove the collar, and probably not add the pockets.  When I'm finished I will write how I made the changes, although I think that they are pretty self explanatory.
I also want to make a pair of crochet leggings; I'm not really sure where this urge came from, but it is strong and rather demanding.  I find some really great knit patterns, but the thought of using DPNs terrifies me....any ideas?

Feb 22, 2009

Scarf = done; shirt = done

Finished Objects:

Pattern: Striped Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall
Yarn : Red Heart Soft Yarn in Dark Leaf
Hook : E/3.25mm Metal
Made for : Me

Pattern notes: I actually made this shirt a little too short. So, as you can see in the photo I added a nice little border to it. When measuring your gauge after the first few rows, remember that the beginning includes the length that will go up to the back piece of the sweater.

Pattern: Mist of Avalon Scarf by Paulissa Kipp
Yarn: Red Heart Soft Yarn in Navy
Hook : J/6.0mm
Made for : Tom C
Pattern Notes : I added a reverse single crochet border around the whole scarf.

Pattern : Two Tone Square by Dayna Audirsch
Yarn : Red Heart Super Saver in Pale Green
Hook : I/5.5mm
Made for : me for the 2009 12" Square CAL on Ravelry
Pattern Notes : As you can see in the photo, I have attached it to the January square (can see it better in the photo below) as I made the last round of the February square. I just prefer to do it this way because I can get lazy about attaching my squares once they are complete.
Another photo of these joined squares:

Feb 21, 2009

Catching up?

Well, I've been fairly neglectful lately....bad Davana, bad. It's okay though because I've been crocheting and knitting up a storm. If you go to my Ravelry page, you can see all my projects...although I haven't uploaded too many new photos.
I joined the Annie's Hook & Needle Club. This club sends a kit every month to your door that includes any yarn and/or embellishments you will need to complete the project. It also includes directions for both knit and crochet. So far, I enjoy it. They have you making things that maybe you wouldn't normally make.

January: Watercolors Felted Bag

Yarn: Watercolors wool felting yarn
Hook: J/10/6mm Steel Hook
Made for: Natasha's daughter
, as you can see, I haven't yet felted it. I don't think that I will either. I'm not really a big fan of felting, but I figure I should give it a try. I want to give this little bag to my friend's daughter. So, I think that I will felt it and then gift it.
I'm currently working on the Woven Table Runner kit. I've finished the crocheting of the runner itself, now I have to add the ribbons and tassels. I will include pictures when I'm finished with this.
The Stockinette stitch blanket that I'm working on is coming along nicely. It's almost done...I'm really excited. It will be my biggest knit project. I will include all the specs o
f the project when I'm finally done and have pictures. I was going to include pictures of the WIP, but it's not really worth it....I don't think.
I'm also working on a shawl, the Crystal Lake Shawl from Lion Brand. It's my first knit lace project that hasn't gone bust. I've been working on it slowly since about Christmas time. It's knitted in a pale yellow cotton Bernat. I do about a pattern repeat per day or so. That will also have all the specs included when I'm finished and I've uploaded pictures. I'm fairly excited about this project.
There are two more projects that I'm working on, that I plan on finish
ing soon. One of them is a scarf for my friend Tom. I wanted to knit him a scarf, but the project fell to the wayside and I really didn't like the way it was working up, so I decided to just leave it for now. But I promised him a scarf, so I found this pattern on Ravelry and decided to make it. I started it this morning and I think that I will finish it in the next few hours. I will include pictures and specs when it's complete. Ravel it!
The next project I'm working on comes from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall. I love this book. It has some really great patterns with some really great shaping ideas. So I'm working on the Striped, Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater. I highly recommend this book. Normally, I don't like to buy crochet books because they are expensive (not because they aren't great), but this book is a must for people who would like to make some great crochet clothing.
I will include specs and photos, again, when it's done.
For an update on any of my projects, definitely check out my Ravel
ry Page (link above).
My Layering Cardi is still in the works. I'm a little dissatisfied with how it has come out so far. I just need to add a few more rows to the yoke and attach the button, but I'm disappointed, so we shall see. I've been offered some advice and word so encouragement from Ravelry, so I think that I will finish it and just deal with it being a little too big. You can decide.
Here is a photo of the sweater before it was put together (sorry it's not rotated):

Jan 31, 2009

I'm back...kind of

I'm back...tired, but here, in the US. My trip was amazing and I very carefully kept a log of what I did so that I wouldn't forget.

If you want to see pictures from my trip, please see this gallery: Germany
Not all of the photos will interest you, but some of them are really cool. You just can't see stuff like that here in the US.

I have some more yarny things to show as well.

Arm warmers made in one evening...they were very simple to do. It was from the 2009 Pattern A Day Calendar. I used this yarn b/c I just have so much of it lying around.

This is my 2009 12" Square for January. I completed this while I was in Germany. I plan to make all the different squares in this same color and attach them as I go along. I seem to always hit a stumbling block when I have to connect things together..I'm lazy and I hate to sew.

My Layering Cardi is almost done, now I just need to finish the yoke, add the buttons, weave in my ends and wash it. I'm not sure how happy I am with it. It seems too large, but after I was it, that may change a little. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have in progress pictures on my Ravelry page, I will include a completed photo when this is finally done.


Jan 23, 2009


Okay, so I was going to write about porcelain, and I will get to that, but first.....I recently discovered that I can watch MST3K online (google it). Bad movies plus comedians = hilarity. Check it out if you have some time.

Now, on to grown up type things....
I went to Fuerstenberg to look around and maybe pick up something to bring back to the US with me. I did decide to get two things. I'm very excited. One of them is a small vase and the other is a Christmas ball ornament. I will photograph and upload the photos once I get back....(remember, no camera cord).

I finished making arm warmers from my 2009 Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar. They took me about 3 hours total, including weaving in ends and gauge swatching. So easy to make....the pattern, I think is free from Crochet to Go.

I am very very close to finishing my layering cardi, the only problem seems to be that it is huge. If I finish exactly as the pattern states and the picture looks, the sleeves come below the underarm in an uncomfortable manner. My gauge is fine, so maybe I will do some reading about this pattern. Unfortunately, I'm about half way through the yoke, but maybe there are a few tricks that I can do to make this cardigan fit better. If someone reads this and has advice....leave me a comment....please....

Last thing, tomorrow I leave for Bavaria and I am not sure if I will internet access again until Monday evening, so have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 21, 2009

Germany Day 3

Guten Morgen. Wie gehts Ihnen?

So, it's morning over in the US. I still feel a little off.

I learned to make gum today...that was interesting and rather difficult, as you can imagine.

I've been working on my Layering Cardi in Red Heart Designer Sport yarn, colorway, Pool 3825. It's coming along well, I'm almost complete with the right front portion. What's left after that is: sleeves (short...thankfully, I might make them slightly longer), yoke (I'm not making the very top part....I don't like shirts on my neck like that), and assembly. I don't have any buttons here, but I think I will wear it anyway. I'm so excited, and I shouldn't have to block it at all.

I have a confession to make....I don't like the food much. They put creamy crap on's gross. And they love mayoniase, also gross. I try to order things without mushrooms or creamy crap...forget it. Even if the menu doesn't specify it, it's in there. Makes me a little nauseous. Phew, I'm glad that that is out, b/c I've been very politely fibbing to everybody here....( Germany I mean).

Okay, time to go. More yarny updates, hopefully tomorrow. Ciao!

Jan 20, 2009

Sorry to post twice, but now I finally have internet access and I would like to post my blog for today......
It’s now Tuesday, and I did not sleep very well yesterday. Sleeping well on Sunday evening had made me over-confident that I would sleep well last night also. I was wrong about that. So now I’m rather sleepy and my brain is fuzzier than usual.

I have finished with my first assignment here and I’m happy about that. Makes me feel a little relieved that I accomplished something and have not disappointed anyone, including me. Later today, I will be getting a tour of one of the production sites here. I’m excited about that as well. I will write more about that later, after the fact, that is.

Last evening I completed the left front of the Layering Cardi and started on the right front. I hope to complete that very soon. I’d like to wear and maybe get some pictures of it in Germany for you. It’s such a beautiful color, and I’m excited to have it.

I went to a supermarket last night. Many things are similar, set up and pricing. Products are very different. They also sell alcohol and beer together with food. There was such a large selection of meats, cheeses, breads…it was amazing. Just a regular supermarket, but so many specialty (in the US) items.

Today, we get a new president. I’m excited for change. I hope Obama can do the job, and like he says, do the best job you can at the job you have. No matter what you set your mind to, make sure to do the best you can. I hope that this holds true for him and that his best job is better than Bush. Although, I think, the only way that he could do worse than Bush, would be to burn down everything in the country and kill all the people, while making a profit from it. Obama has quite the mess to clean up. My best wishes are with him.

The production site was amazing. Sometimes, you forget the size necessary to complete things that will be used on a international, consumer product level. Always an enjoyable thing to be reminded of. Brings to mind thoughts about conserving and making less waste. So much waste is produced already
. Germany

I am planning to write a skirt pattern. I’ve only just begun to make some plans in my head and I’m still very much debating on whether or not to make it aline, or more form fitting. A line I think will be difficult with increases. I think there will be a lot of frogging and redoing. I have ideas for a waistband that you can use a drawstring, but will hopefully not look like a casual skirt. It’s going to be in a fingering weight to add some swing to the fabric (again, hopefully). That’s all the details on that for now.

Onto Germany and flying business class. So, there are two kinds of business class. There is the kind that is like coach, but with slightly more room, and there is the kind that is basically first class and I’m not sure what the differences would be.
On my flight across the Atlantic I had the flight attendant take my coat and put it into the closet (?!). Everything that was served was served on some type of glass with metal utensils and with fancy glasses for beverages. Alcohol was free. A full dinner meal was served, including appetizer, entrĂ©e and dessert. After sleeping (your chair reclines fully) they served breakfast about 1.5 hours before landing. My only complaint…..heheheh….is that it was godawful hot on that plane. I was sweating for the entire flight and did not get any sleep. The problem with not getting sleep is that your jet lag is almost unbearable. After my second flight (story about that to follow), I kept dozing in the taxi on my way to the hotel. I had to fight to stay awake until it was actually bed time. Then I slept like a baby.
No internet at the hotel, so I will not be able to post, unless I’m at work. I will try to do so, except, as of now, the first day, they cannot got get the internet working on my computer. Wish me luck!
You may wind up reading a few days of my experience all crammed into one.
One more thing that I would like to mention about my time so far is…breakfast! The table settings at the hotel are so fancy. I think it’s wonderful. Formal, but not all at once.

Jan 16, 2009

FO type stuff....kinda

Well, I'll be leaving for Germany soon (er....tomorrow evening) and so I'm not sure if I will be blogging while there.
I will be on a business trip, not so much of the fun for me....(insert pouty face)

I will post a few photos and maybe include some knit/crochet glamor shots; I am super excited to be traveling to Europe though.
I have to remember to dress appropriately so that I am not immediately identifiable as "American".
I have actually googled this and found more than a few websites with lots and lots of advice; snippet to follow:

1.  Do not wear running/tennis shoes unless they are of the "grown-up" variety - brown, tan, black type sneaks
2.  Do not wear khakis or cargo pants (nothing baggy for those Deustchlanders)
3.  No white socks (ahem....unless you are wearing them with sandals = hotness)
4.  No jeans unless they are super tight (applies to both genders)

So, the list goes on, but I think that gives a pretty clear idea.  I think I will sneak photos of "these" people....I also hear that they cannot match all that well.
I hope there is some truth to do that...make me feel better about my color combo choices.

Okay, an FO (do not have completed photo yet)

A few things about this giant underwear looking object.  Er, firstly, it's not undies....although that would be awesome.
This is a shirt and has little lace straps connecting the top (the bottom in the photo) to the back (wear the "wings" start).
I have complete finished the button sewing and the strap sewing (if you can call that sewing, really).  I need to sew the lining in.
I sort of, fear and hate to do it, so this almost FO has been waiting patiently for me to sew in the lining and wash it.  As the shape is completely off from my trying it on so many times.

Pattern : Bamboo Deep V Top (by Bernat free pattern)
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver
Hook Size: I and J (different than in pattern)
Made for:  my sister....woot!

In this photo, I'm wearing the top, but I'm much taller than my sis, so it definitely fits her.
I wish that it had been just a tad longer though, it would give a little more drape, but I like this pattern and it was fairly simple to make.
If I make it again I will use a larger hook (when I checked my gauge it was way larger than the pattern called for, so I dropped a hook size and I think that then it was too small).

That's everything for now, folks!

Jan 9, 2009


Nothing too much to update here.  I added a few rows to my garter/st st
blanket.  I do want to correct the typo in regards to the colorway.
It's discontinued and it's red/gray.  It's a red, purple, gray, black
combo.  It pools slightly as it's quite stripey and I think it looks
really cool...but that might be the beginner knitter in me (also it
just makes me feel better).

Now, onto other things.  This post will be quite picture laden.  I
finally made myself take the pictures off of my camera and my fiance's
camera, edited them, and uploaded them to

Let's start with my kitties, as they are cuter even than my yarny products.

This is Ms. Mieze....she's sporting a lovely dinosaur costume...unhappily as you can see.

Next we have little Tovie, she's sleeping....ahem.

Now I will add some crochet elements; to keep in line with my goals for this blog (snoozes...)
That is my body pillow (window seat pillow) FO.  Finally, pictures of it.....

Here are some more:

Front (colors are a little off)


Next up, some of the stuff that I made for family members for Christmas this year.
The sweater on the top right is a plum color, but my camera, just wait for the next pic and you'll be ok.

ProjectLush Lace Pullover by Lion Brand Yarns (free)
Yarn: Mill Ends worsted acyrlic in a deep, rich plum

Okay, last but not least, here's an image for you......

Hotness right crocheting my sister's vest/top for Xmas.
I will have more pictures of my projects soon, along with the details of the vest that I made for my sis.

Jan 7, 2009


Sorry, no pics again......
Let's start with my stash and I mean, my stash of has grown to rather ridiculous proportions.
I think that the worst part of it is, that I want to continue to make it grow. It's almost as though I'm afraid that I out of yarn?!? I'm just crazy...the worst part is that I've trolling on eBay looking for stash enhancement. I think that Mr. Davananerd is going to kill me; he doesn't really understand my stash/crochet/knit obssesion.
I have good news. Since I've last spoken with you, I've gotten engaged, so Mr. Davananerd will soon officially, have earned that title. I'm happy....
Onto more yarnified subjects. I'm also in love with Herrschner's. They always have really great deals on a lot of yarn. It’s even good for yarn snobs, as they have natural fibers as well. Currently, they their mystery 32 oz. bag of yarn sale. It’s really great for stash building and just seeing what you get and having a nice surprise waiting for you at the end of the day.
I have many UFOs, but the active ones are a stockinette stitch blanket with a garter stitch border. I’m really working hard on practicing the basic stitches so that when I do a really project with nice yarn, nothing will be twisted, no stitches will be dropped, and it will just look generally good. The yarn is
Joann’s Sensations Rainbow Classics in red/turq; it’s soft and fuzzy and works up quick.
My other UFO is the
Layering Cardi from the current issue of Crochet Today! (jan/feb ’09). I’m using Red Heart Soft Yarn in Pool. I like the design, but I’m going to leave off the top above the yoke and the directions aren’t as clear as I’d like.
I am, of course, lusting after starting another project because, obviously the ones I’ve already started aren’t enough…..(insert ironic eyebrow raise here). I recently got the Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar. I want to whip up one of those projects so bad….ugh.
One more quick thing before I sign out of here. I’m anxiously awaiting a little spindle that I ordered from eBay; it comes with directions and some fiber to spin. I’m very excited…