Jan 31, 2009

I'm back...kind of

I'm back...tired, but here, in the US. My trip was amazing and I very carefully kept a log of what I did so that I wouldn't forget.

If you want to see pictures from my trip, please see this gallery: Germany
Not all of the photos will interest you, but some of them are really cool. You just can't see stuff like that here in the US.

I have some more yarny things to show as well.

Arm warmers made in one evening...they were very simple to do. It was from the 2009 Pattern A Day Calendar. I used this yarn b/c I just have so much of it lying around.

This is my 2009 12" Square for January. I completed this while I was in Germany. I plan to make all the different squares in this same color and attach them as I go along. I seem to always hit a stumbling block when I have to connect things together..I'm lazy and I hate to sew.

My Layering Cardi is almost done, now I just need to finish the yoke, add the buttons, weave in my ends and wash it. I'm not sure how happy I am with it. It seems too large, but after I was it, that may change a little. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have in progress pictures on my Ravelry page, I will include a completed photo when this is finally done.



  1. Your arm-warmer is cute. I have been wanting to make a pair for quite some time.

  2. Thanks! They are really easy...took me a few hours.