Jan 29, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Baby Blanket

I'm tearing through this blanket.  Baby blankets are so fast and I love it.  This pattern is really easy to remember so it's rather portable, despite the color changes.  I'm just about halfway through and my mind is already on the next thing for the little lady.
I've been favorite-ing like mad on Ravelry, trying to decide what to make...I think I might be in a serious relationship with bloomers.  They are just silly cute.

Anyways, here is the blanket in all her halfway-finished glory:

Jan 27, 2014

FO, FO - Yay

My Starke Scarf is all blocked and pretty.  Too bad I'm all chubby in the picture, but alas, that comes with pregnancy.

Jan 22, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Messy

I have this messy pile of yarn that I plan to turn into something for a little baby girl that is on her way to live with me.  Right now she has taken up residence in my abdomen and has given me, mostly gentle, nudges to keep me on my toes.

I've started working on the Abstract Cat Blanket.  It's just too cute to resist and is a relatively easy pattern to follow.

Check out my Ravelry page for details.

Here's my progress so far.

Jan 15, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Starke Scarf

This worked up really fast, now I just need to block it....I think I will go with the hang it on a hanger, wet with some clothespins on the edges....

The only comment I have about the pattern concerns the cast on row of foundation hdc.  It's a rather stretchy way to start something, but with the chaining throughout the rows, the body of the scarf is tighter than that starting row.  I'm not sure it really matters, but it might be better to start with chaining with a larger hook and then doing a regular hdc row with the hook you plan to use throughout.

Here she is in all her unblocked glory, blocked photos to follow at some future point.

Jan 13, 2014


I found out last week that I'm having a little girl...now it's time for all things fluffy and pink...not sure if I'm ready for that, but luckily, I haven't a choice.

It does bring to mind all kinds of little girl dresses that I can knit or crochet.  Baby boy stuff is all more complex, with pants and sweaters, but girls...blissfully easy with long tubes that have straps...I can handle that.

I'm not even sure my little girl will know what pants are because I plan to keep her in crocheted/knitted baby dresses for as long as I can manage....

Here is a cute one from JoAnn Fabrics (free)

I likey this one too....(also free), Red Heart pattern

A vintage pattern, but it's still perfect

Jan 8, 2014

WiP Wednesday - New Thing

I have about 50 projects probably in the works....some will never be finished and some might some day be finished, depending on my perseverance, while others are long term and I get kind of tired plugging along.  So, I decided to search through my stash, find some sport or dk yarn and crochet something up, something quick and fairly simple.

The start of this project isn't exciting, so I'll share a photo of the yarn instead....(sorry for the bad quality, poor lighting).  It's Jawoll Magic by Lang; the colors are fairly soothing.  I had a tough time choosing between this colorway or the vibrant rainbow one that I have in my stash.

Jan 6, 2014

Eating, eating and more eating

I can say that I'm happy to be pregnant over this holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, straight through the New Year.  Mostly, because I'm happy to not have to be on Weight Watchers, but also, I'm happy to have a new little bundle on its way.

Here are some of my indulgences...

Jan 1, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Granny Stripe Blanket

I've been in the mood for some mindless crocheting lately and have put on quite a few rows to this blanket.  It has grown more than a foot.

Oh....Happy New Year ! (almost forgot)

Rav Link

Here she is: