May 1, 2009

I'm back and 95% healthy

Hello...finally, I'm mostly back to normal. No more vertigo, no more ear infection (mostly). Back to work and everything. There's nothing like having all that time off of work and not really enjoying it b/c you can't drive anywhere or walk all that well. At one point, hold onto your needles peeps, I couldn't even crochet! Made me quite queasy. I also had to push and prod coworkers and my insurance company to help me figure out this whole "short term disability" mess. Oh fun memories.
Crafty time. So I have an FO to share, some kitty pics, some house pics, and a pic of a man doing what a man should...ahem...sorry (my opinion...I know).

Pattern: Short Skirt from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall; I raved about the book here.
Yarn: Red Heart Designer Sport 3770 Berry (used 2.5 skeins)
Hook(s): H (5.0mm) and J (6.0mm)
Made for: Me
Notes: Please see my Ravelry project for notes

All of my other projects are still on hold. I want to finish my Shell Shell and then maybe I will start something else. We shall see.

So, I've been busy b/c my backyard looks like this:

But, we've done some cleaning up, and now it looks like this:

Don't look at the trash bag that is in both photos...ahem...totally laying out there for like weeks....I'm such a responsible adult...pfft. In those big black trash bags is the pool liner, cut up into pieces, along with the styrofoam lining (hello....not environmentally friendly). Also, if you look carefully at the second photo you can see our neatly rolled up aluminum pool shell. We are going to recycle it, and we get money too....$$$
Still a lot of work to do, keep us in your good landscaping thoughts.

Here's a shamelessly cute photo of kitty little:

Here's a shamelessly cute photo of a man, my man doing his job....tee hee:

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