Mar 29, 2010

Crazy crafting

Well, I've been going crazy making headway on projects and then losing interest.

Now, I must again FOCUS.  I want to make a skirt that is modeled after the Dem-n-nit Pineapple Skirt (rav link).  It's for my trip to Costa Rica = My honeymoon + Cousin's wedding.The skirt is very pretty.  I have two issues with it. 
1. It's too long for my trip to Costa's made in WW yarn and will suffocate me with any kind of significant length --> this, though is easy to fix.
2.  The chaining in the pattern has too many stitches (again, for my aesthetic).  I want my pineapples more defined, so I will be ripping and re-crocheting until I get the shape and tension I want.  I know I can block it to the dimensions I want, but it's hard to shrink things.

I've started it:  G Hook and Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue.

I have two free patterns that I will be posting soon.  I'm debating whether to free post them or put them into a PDF....we shall see.

Mar 19, 2010

Great Yarn Sale.....

Great yarn sale here:
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Mar 14, 2010

My gown and some knitting

Hey all...
Here is a picture of my finished gown.  Front and Back.  I loved making it, unfortunately, with all the commotion of wedding planning and my new anti-dep meds I lost 15 lbs.  So fun figuring out how to take in a crochet anyways, here she is:

I've started knitting Multnomah (rav link).  Love it!  I got to learn a new technique...the "long tail cast-on".  Once I learned how to do it, it went fairly well.  Not sure I prefer it to a regular cast-on.
I'm using Bernat Sox in Wooded Dennim.  Soft and works up well in this pattern. 
I've discovered how much I love knitting.  It's precision, just like I love crocheting.
Here is the link for my project (rav link).  Here is a photo of the start of this...don't look at my lame-o stitch

Mar 8, 2010

All Married and Stuff....

I'm so excited.  Out wedding is over and now we're married.  Not sure yet if it really changes anything, but only time will tell.  I'm recovering today and resting up for work tomorrow.  Have no fear I will be going to Costa Rica for my cousin's wedding and our honeymoon.  Short and sweet today, photos of my dress and shawl to follow.