Sep 23, 2009


Wedding plans are underway...again....things are changing rapidly and not always for the better.
We might move the wedding date closer....not b/c I have any secrets to extol, but b/c I've sort of always wanted to get married in January or February (not Valentine's Day). Sometimes it's funny to try and reconcile "growing up" with the past; at least, from my point of view.

Now, onto other "stuff". Almost time to start my holiday knitting/crochet extravaganza. First, I'm working on a shawl for my friend Jen's birthday. The pattern is the Doily Shawl from the Lion Brand Website. I've attached the Ravelry link for it though. This pattern is written by Doris Chan, one of my favorite designers. It's going very smoothly and I hope to finish it by Friday. Fingers crossed. It's such a lovely pattern and I'm also using 2 strands together, but a Bernat Cool Crochet yarn and a Caron Simply Soft. It's a soft beige color. I promise to try and be more motivated and attach pictures. If I do not attach them here, then I will try my best to attach them to the my ravelry project page....which doesn't exist yet....ahem.

Take Care!

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