Jan 20, 2009

Flying....to Germany

I am planning to write a skirt pattern. I’ve only just begun to make some plans in my head and I’m still very much debating on whether or not to make it aline, or more form fitting. A line I think will be difficult with increases. I think there will be a lot of frogging and redoing. I have ideas for a waistband that you can use a drawstring, but will hopefully not look like a casual skirt. It’s going to be in a fingering weight to add some swing to the fabric (again, hopefully). That’s all the details on that for now.

Onto Germany and flying business class. So, there are two kinds of business class. There is the kind that is like coach, but with slightly more room, and there is the kind that is basically first class and I’m not sure what the differences would be.
On my flight across the Atlantic I had the flight attendant take my coat and put it into the closet (?!). Everything that was served was served on some type of glass with metal utensils and with fancy glasses for beverages. Alcohol was free. A full dinner meal was served, including appetizer, entrĂ©e and dessert. After sleeping (your chair reclines fully) they served breakfast about 1.5 hours before landing. My only complaint…..heheheh….is that it was godawful hot on that plane. I was sweating for the entire flight and did not get any sleep. The problem with not getting sleep is that your jet lag is almost unbearable. After my second flight (story about that to follow), I kept dozing in the taxi on my way to the hotel. I had to fight to stay awake until it was actually bed time. Then I slept like a baby.
No internet at the hotel, so I will not be able to post, unless I’m at work. I will try to do so, except, as of now, the first day, they cannot got get the internet working on my computer. Wish me luck!
You may wind up reading a few days of my experience all crammed into one.
One more thing that I would like to mention about my time so far is…breakfast! The table settings at the hotel are so fancy. I think it’s wonderful. Formal, but not all at once.

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