Feb 21, 2009

Catching up?

Well, I've been fairly neglectful lately....bad Davana, bad. It's okay though because I've been crocheting and knitting up a storm. If you go to my Ravelry page, you can see all my projects...although I haven't uploaded too many new photos.
I joined the Annie's Hook & Needle Club. This club sends a kit every month to your door that includes any yarn and/or embellishments you will need to complete the project. It also includes directions for both knit and crochet. So far, I enjoy it. They have you making things that maybe you wouldn't normally make.

January: Watercolors Felted Bag

Yarn: Watercolors wool felting yarn
Hook: J/10/6mm Steel Hook
Made for: Natasha's daughter
, as you can see, I haven't yet felted it. I don't think that I will either. I'm not really a big fan of felting, but I figure I should give it a try. I want to give this little bag to my friend's daughter. So, I think that I will felt it and then gift it.
I'm currently working on the Woven Table Runner kit. I've finished the crocheting of the runner itself, now I have to add the ribbons and tassels. I will include pictures when I'm finished with this.
The Stockinette stitch blanket that I'm working on is coming along nicely. It's almost done...I'm really excited. It will be my biggest knit project. I will include all the specs o
f the project when I'm finally done and have pictures. I was going to include pictures of the WIP, but it's not really worth it....I don't think.
I'm also working on a shawl, the Crystal Lake Shawl from Lion Brand. It's my first knit lace project that hasn't gone bust. I've been working on it slowly since about Christmas time. It's knitted in a pale yellow cotton Bernat. I do about a pattern repeat per day or so. That will also have all the specs included when I'm finished and I've uploaded pictures. I'm fairly excited about this project.
There are two more projects that I'm working on, that I plan on finish
ing soon. One of them is a scarf for my friend Tom. I wanted to knit him a scarf, but the project fell to the wayside and I really didn't like the way it was working up, so I decided to just leave it for now. But I promised him a scarf, so I found this pattern on Ravelry and decided to make it. I started it this morning and I think that I will finish it in the next few hours. I will include pictures and specs when it's complete. Ravel it!
The next project I'm working on comes from Crochet That Fits by Mary Jane Hall. I love this book. It has some really great patterns with some really great shaping ideas. So I'm working on the Striped, Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater. I highly recommend this book. Normally, I don't like to buy crochet books because they are expensive (not because they aren't great), but this book is a must for people who would like to make some great crochet clothing.
I will include specs and photos, again, when it's done.
For an update on any of my projects, definitely check out my Ravel
ry Page (link above).
My Layering Cardi is still in the works. I'm a little dissatisfied with how it has come out so far. I just need to add a few more rows to the yoke and attach the button, but I'm disappointed, so we shall see. I've been offered some advice and word so encouragement from Ravelry, so I think that I will finish it and just deal with it being a little too big. You can decide.
Here is a photo of the sweater before it was put together (sorry it's not rotated):

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