Mar 27, 2009

"It's been a while.....since" the last time I posted

No excuses from me, but I will give you a list of what I've been up to....
We decided to repaint our bedroom, finally, we've been putting it off because of the work that we would have to invest. So, the previous owners put up some kind of border along the top of the walls (all of them) and it's a texture. The stuff was like cement. We sanded for hours...needless to say, we could not get it anywhere near as flat as the wall and there was approximately five coats of paint on top of it. We ( then spackled to try and fill in whatever gaps were in between the "stipples". Then it was time to......any guesses.....yes, that's right.....SAND. So we sanded the spackle nice and smooth. Then we applied primer. Then we painted the ceiling. Today we painted the first wall color, which is the main color that will be on three of the walls. Tomorrow we will paint the accent color. I will include pictures when it's all done.
I started a shawl pattern, that I don't have the specs for at the moment, but when it's done I will add them. I'm still working on my Lacy Shawl (RAV link) and I've been naughty because I haven't finished my March square yet....and March is almost over...yikes fits well here, I suppose. The square is from the 2009 12" CAL on Ravelry.
I recieved the next installment of my Annie's Hook & Needle Kit Club. It's for a teddy bear. This is totally something that I would not normally make if I hadn't gotten the kit from this club. It's super cute.
I decided to frog the Crochet Today sweater that I was making. The yarn and pattern just weren't going to work together. I have to find another use for the yarn....we shall see.
Herrshcners is so great, I ordered more yarn b/c the sale was irresistable. I found an online coupon and that's great too. I've also been commissioned to make another Thumbkin Frog. They are really cute and easy. I sincerely enjoyed making it. I also finished a purse....simple envelope style. I basically crocheted a rectangle and then sewed up the bottom 2/3 of it to create the pouch. I may attach some buttons, or great brave and add some crochet embroidery. I will include pictures when it's officially complete.
I just got my two Interweave crochet issues, the Winter and Spring. I've excitedly looked thorugh them and plans are dancing through my we shall see.
My wedding plans are still toddling along. We are going to fly down to the Keys in May to check out some venues and locations. We also want to make sure that the weather will be nice for that time of year.
I will be back very soon with some updated objects.


  1. Oh frogged the cardi. I'm too stubborn, even when I knnow the yarn is probably not the best use, I keep going!

  2. Wow! You are busy! Painting and the wall prep that has to be done before it is one of my least favorite jobs ever. I don't blame you for putting it off for a while!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.