Jan 20, 2009

Sorry to post twice, but now I finally have internet access and I would like to post my blog for today......
It’s now Tuesday, and I did not sleep very well yesterday. Sleeping well on Sunday evening had made me over-confident that I would sleep well last night also. I was wrong about that. So now I’m rather sleepy and my brain is fuzzier than usual.

I have finished with my first assignment here and I’m happy about that. Makes me feel a little relieved that I accomplished something and have not disappointed anyone, including me. Later today, I will be getting a tour of one of the production sites here. I’m excited about that as well. I will write more about that later, after the fact, that is.

Last evening I completed the left front of the Layering Cardi and started on the right front. I hope to complete that very soon. I’d like to wear and maybe get some pictures of it in Germany for you. It’s such a beautiful color, and I’m excited to have it.

I went to a supermarket last night. Many things are similar, set up and pricing. Products are very different. They also sell alcohol and beer together with food. There was such a large selection of meats, cheeses, breads…it was amazing. Just a regular supermarket, but so many specialty (in the US) items.

Today, we get a new president. I’m excited for change. I hope Obama can do the job, and like he says, do the best job you can at the job you have. No matter what you set your mind to, make sure to do the best you can. I hope that this holds true for him and that his best job is better than Bush. Although, I think, the only way that he could do worse than Bush, would be to burn down everything in the country and kill all the people, while making a profit from it. Obama has quite the mess to clean up. My best wishes are with him.

The production site was amazing. Sometimes, you forget the size necessary to complete things that will be used on a international, consumer product level. Always an enjoyable thing to be reminded of. Brings to mind thoughts about conserving and making less waste. So much waste is produced already

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