Jan 7, 2009


Sorry, no pics again......
Let's start with my stash and I mean, my stash of yarn...it has grown to rather ridiculous proportions.
I think that the worst part of it is, that I want to continue to make it grow. It's almost as though I'm afraid that I will...uhm....run out of yarn?!? I'm just crazy...the worst part is that I've trolling on eBay looking for stash enhancement. I think that Mr. Davananerd is going to kill me; he doesn't really understand my stash/crochet/knit obssesion.
I have good news. Since I've last spoken with you, I've gotten engaged, so Mr. Davananerd will soon officially, have earned that title. I'm happy....
Onto more yarnified subjects. I'm also in love with Herrschner's. They always have really great deals on a lot of yarn. It’s even good for yarn snobs, as they have natural fibers as well. Currently, they their mystery 32 oz. bag of yarn sale. It’s really great for stash building and just seeing what you get and having a nice surprise waiting for you at the end of the day.
I have many UFOs, but the active ones are a stockinette stitch blanket with a garter stitch border. I’m really working hard on practicing the basic stitches so that when I do a really project with nice yarn, nothing will be twisted, no stitches will be dropped, and it will just look generally good. The yarn is
Joann’s Sensations Rainbow Classics in red/turq; it’s soft and fuzzy and works up quick.
My other UFO is the
Layering Cardi from the current issue of Crochet Today! (jan/feb ’09). I’m using Red Heart Soft Yarn in Pool. I like the design, but I’m going to leave off the top above the yoke and the directions aren’t as clear as I’d like.
I am, of course, lusting after starting another project because, obviously the ones I’ve already started aren’t enough…..(insert ironic eyebrow raise here). I recently got the Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar. I want to whip up one of those projects so bad….ugh.
One more quick thing before I sign out of here. I’m anxiously awaiting a little spindle that I ordered from eBay; it comes with directions and some fiber to spin. I’m very excited…

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