Nov 18, 2013

Something new...

Sorry for the silence...

Ok, on to other things.

Let me give an excuse for my blog laziness.

So, I've spared you the ultrasound shot, because I'm not sure how much you all want to see a picture of my uterus...

I'm about 5 months along now and expanding rapidly, chasing a toddler, and working.  Blogging has been at the very bottom of my list.

I'm going to try to be back now, maybe not posting as much as before.

Either way, stay tuned !

Nov 13, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Must Have Shawl

Slow going, but I LOVE it...not sure I'll be able to give it up....I will try valiantly.  I never did count my stitches to see if I made an error or if the pattern has an error.  Sorry (but not really).

Ravelry Project Page

Nov 11, 2013

Darn Pretty....and they are

I bought them and then I waited, and then I waited some more.  I would get giddy over emails from Dyak Craft, hoping that one of them contained a tracking number.  I'm not sure if it's pathetic how excited I was and the little butterflies that I would get, just knowing that they were on their way.

They make this lovely case....

Wanna see what's in there???


There they beautiful

Signed by the man himself....

I chose the charcoal color....and asked them to swap out the smaller cables for larger ones, b/c I rarely use small cables...I just go with dpns if it's in the round.

They knit like a dream.  I really really love them.  I cast on, immediately just so I could work with them.  They are so smooth and the join is really nice.

I highly recommend them, but they are pricey and take a save up and order.....

Nov 6, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Olive Basket Cardi

I was cruising along on this project and then I stalled....ran out of gas, I guess.  I don't have much time for knitting lately, and when I do, I've been working on my Must Have Shawl (love it).  

So here is my sad progress on sleeve number 1....