Mar 8, 2009


I started planning my wedding....we have been dragging our feet slightly because of all the issues surrounding our engagement. I hate to use this as a complaining spot, but just to be clear about my situation. Rob is Jewish and I am not. This is the basis of the problems we are having, and only from his family. I guess their own selfish needs are more important than his future...what can I say?
Anyways, we are trying to work around this little snafu by planning a type of destination wedding with a very very liberal Rabbi.
Right now we are looking at the Florida keys or Harbour Island in the Bahamas. I'm excited by either of these prospects, with the keys being more practical for us and our family members who would want to attend the ceremony.
All ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Right now we are looking for an officiate, a location and trying to see if things will be open on the date we have chose, May 20, 2010.
Thanks for listening....or well, reading anyway!
Crochet/Knit Stuff: I have been working on my St St Blanket. That's about all at the moment and it's being worked on b/c it's suitably mindless. I want to just finish it and I have about a foot left and I think it shouldn't take too much longer. I'm very happy to be almost complete with my first "big" knit project. I've also been working on my scrap hexagon afghan. I think that will take a long long time to finish b/c I plan on only really using scraps. So, as I generate scrap yarn, I will make the hexagons and add them to the blanket. Right now I have about 12 hexagons complete and attached. I'm excited b/c it looks so ridiculous. I really really want to start a new knit project, but I think I will wait until I, at least, finish the st st blanket.

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