Jan 21, 2009

Germany Day 3

Guten Morgen. Wie gehts Ihnen?

So, it's morning over in the US. I still feel a little off.

I learned to make gum today...that was interesting and rather difficult, as you can imagine.

I've been working on my Layering Cardi in Red Heart Designer Sport yarn, colorway, Pool 3825. It's coming along well, I'm almost complete with the right front portion. What's left after that is: sleeves (short...thankfully, I might make them slightly longer), yoke (I'm not making the very top part....I don't like shirts on my neck like that), and assembly. I don't have any buttons here, but I think I will wear it anyway. I'm so excited, and I shouldn't have to block it at all.

I have a confession to make....I don't like the food much. They put creamy crap on everything...it's gross. And they love mayoniase, also gross. I try to order things without mushrooms or creamy crap...forget it. Even if the menu doesn't specify it, it's in there. Makes me a little nauseous. Phew, I'm glad that that is out, b/c I've been very politely fibbing to everybody here....(er...in Germany I mean).

Okay, time to go. More yarny updates, hopefully tomorrow. Ciao!

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