Jan 16, 2009

FO type stuff....kinda

Well, I'll be leaving for Germany soon (er....tomorrow evening) and so I'm not sure if I will be blogging while there.
I will be on a business trip, not so much of the fun for me....(insert pouty face)

I will post a few photos and maybe include some knit/crochet glamor shots; I am super excited to be traveling to Europe though.
I have to remember to dress appropriately so that I am not immediately identifiable as "American".
I have actually googled this and found more than a few websites with lots and lots of advice; snippet to follow:

1.  Do not wear running/tennis shoes unless they are of the "grown-up" variety - brown, tan, black type sneaks
2.  Do not wear khakis or cargo pants (nothing baggy for those Deustchlanders)
3.  No white socks (ahem....unless you are wearing them with sandals = hotness)
4.  No jeans unless they are super tight (applies to both genders)

So, the list goes on, but I think that gives a pretty clear idea.  I think I will sneak photos of "these" people....I also hear that they cannot match all that well.
I hope there is some truth to do that...make me feel better about my color combo choices.

Okay, an FO (do not have completed photo yet)

A few things about this giant underwear looking object.  Er, firstly, it's not undies....although that would be awesome.
This is a shirt and has little lace straps connecting the top (the bottom in the photo) to the back (wear the "wings" start).
I have complete finished the button sewing and the strap sewing (if you can call that sewing, really).  I need to sew the lining in.
I sort of, fear and hate to do it, so this almost FO has been waiting patiently for me to sew in the lining and wash it.  As the shape is completely off from my trying it on so many times.

Pattern : Bamboo Deep V Top (by Bernat free pattern)
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver
Hook Size: I and J (different than in pattern)
Made for:  my sister....woot!

In this photo, I'm wearing the top, but I'm much taller than my sis, so it definitely fits her.
I wish that it had been just a tad longer though, it would give a little more drape, but I like this pattern and it was fairly simple to make.
If I make it again I will use a larger hook (when I checked my gauge it was way larger than the pattern called for, so I dropped a hook size and I think that then it was too small).

That's everything for now, folks!

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