May 23, 2013

Thursday - Weighing In

So, if you've read my blog at all, then you know that I've begun trying to be healthier.  I started with just working out a little, and then a little more.  Then I drafted Mr. Hollybroke to join me with the Fast Metabolism Diet.  You can read about that herehere, here, here, and here.

Now, with Mr. Hollybroke firmly in tow, we're embarking on Weight Watchers.  This diet is directly opposing our most recent one, but that's ok, because I really enjoy tracking my points.  Counting and tracking are things I very  much enjoy.  I really like thinking of my diet as a bank, putting points back with exercise/activity and taking points out for foods I like to eat.  It's always horrifying to realize how much you think you're eating and what it costs you and what you're actually eating and what that costs you.

My weigh-in day is Thursday, so I will be doing this post on Thursdays for now.

Another big motivator for me is having a step counter.  It's funny because you would think it's kind of stupid, but when you realize that it's 3p already and you have only gone 2000 steps, you definitely feel the need to bring that number up higher.  Just don't take such huge stock in them, as they tend to be faulty and not so reliable, but they give you an approximation about how active you are.  WW also lets you enter your steps in  for each day and they will give you points back if you get to a certain number.

WW Diet Stats:

SW : 148.2 lbs

GW : 135 lbs

CW : 143.8

WL : -4.4 lbs

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