May 22, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Olive Basket

I'm really loving this pattern.  I can actually see myself making another one.  I'm not sure if it's the yarn, or the  pattern itself, but it goes a lot faster than I thought it would.

Currently, I've split the stitches for the fronts and back of the sweater.  My only misgiving, that I didn't follow the directions properly.  The pattern says to knit the number of stitches, then BO a few, knit more stitches, BO a few, then knit across; placing the first two parts onto stitch holders.  But, if you just knit the stitches, then you lose the double basket weave pattern at the edge of the fronts.  So, I did not follow the pattern, and I did the pattern stitch for the edges and knit the rest, but following the number of stitches.  Maybe that is an assumed instruction, but with me being, at best, an intermediate knitter, I wasn't sure.  To be honest, if that is assumed, that's a bad practice.  Patterns need to always state exactly what to do.  I've been reading patterns for more than 15 years and I think I have some experience with it at this point.

Now to knit up the two fronts will be a breeze, I'm almost done with the left front.  The back might take a bit more time, since it's just all stockinette, unending....I just can't wait to see how it will look when it's done.

Since I have a huge housewarming party this weekend...yikes....I will probably not be knitting much for a while, so I will look longingly at my knitting basket, waiting, waiting, waiting to pick her up again.

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