May 14, 2013

Product Review - The Fast Metabolism Diet - Done

The Fast Metabolism Diet - Final Review

The journey is over...I'm a bit relieved because it was somewhat difficult to constantly plan every bite that I would eat during the day and how much.  Also, I had some challenges with eating as much as was suggested during meal times.

The hardest part, for me, was all the meat.  I'm a definite meat eater, but at 6 oz of meat for every serving that you have, it's a lot.  It's a hard switch to cut back so much on the carbohydrate portions of my meals.  I really enjoy eating rice and pasta, and I always feel a bit lost without the carb/veg/meat combo on my plate.

I will say that I'm feeling a little unsure of how to proceed.  I know that in the book she discusses how to maintain, but I'm not sure that her guidelines are clear enough for me.  I think that what I will try to do is keep eating about the same portion sizes and times, but cutting back some on the meat.  I will also try to stay away from wheat flour products and substitute healthier carbs.  One thing that I won't give up, even though she suggests it, is dairy.  I very much like to eat yogurt and cheese, so I won't be giving up those things.

So, what does all this mean?  Well, the diet was, in a way, a success.  I did lose quite a bit of weight in a relatively short time, but I did not lose 20 lbs or even close to that much.  Mr. Hollybroke however did lose about 20 lbs, so it was very successful for him.  The reasons for my lack of weight loss are: I did not always eat as much as she suggested, nor drink about 70 oz of water a day, and I did not exercise as much as I wanted to and as much as she recommends.  I will defend myself about the exercise...we are still in the middle of unpacking our house, my little monthly friend came along (I do not exercise during those few days), and I caught a really bad case of poison ivy dermatitis (which I'm still, literally, battling - 14 days).

I really think that this is a great diet and I highly suggest it.  You never really feel deprived, just maybe a bit overwhelmed with planning.

I think I will continue to weigh in here on the blog and talk about my weight loss.  I plan to exercise 3 days a week for 30 minutes and for the most part, I was successful and I think it will get easier as it becomes a habit.  I will somewhat continue with the rules of this diet and see how that goes as well.

Final Diet Stats:

SW: 153.6 lbs

GW: 135 lbs

CW: 145.2 lbs

WL: 8.4 lbs

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