May 6, 2013

Product Review - Fast Metabolism Diet - Week 4

The Fast Metabolism Diet - Week 4

So, we're at the beginning of week 4...and I have to say, I'm ready to go back to a more normal diet.  The biggest challenge for this was making sure that all the four earlier meals were ready to go and packed in my lunch bag for work....Also, it's easy to eat when you're hungry, but generally I'm not hungry as often as this diet has had me eating.  Drinking enough water was my second biggest challenge and I will not lie, I absolutely do NOT drink enough water even to be healthy.  I'm always struggling with drinking enough during the day...I'm just never really thirsty

I'm recycling my menu from week 1, so you check that out, here : Week 1.

I will give a wrap up and my final weight loss at the beginning of next week.  In reality I'd like my goal weight to be closer to about 130 lbs, but that might be a little bit unrealistic and unreachable, but I think I will continue this weight loss journey here because it helps to hold me accountable.  As you can see, below, I've changed my goal weight (yet again) and will strive to get there.  I might even post what I eat and how often I exercise to give you an idea of how I've lost weight.

After I had the baby, I was determined, at least, to lose the weight I had gained.  Luckily, for me, it came off very quickly.  But, before I had gotten pregnant, I had been somewhat unhappy with my size and I also wanted to work out and be healthier.  So my promise to myself was, after we got into our new home and got our "gym" set up, that I would work out.  Well, that worked pretty well and before I started this diet I had lost about 4 lbs just exercising 3 times/week for about 30 minutes.  I figure if I can't spare 1.5 hours a week to making myself healthier then something is really wrong with me.

Also, Mr. Hollybroke and I plan to start trying to have a baby in the next 6 months or so, and I want to be healthier than I was for my first one.  I had so many complications with the labor and delivery and although it may not be because I wasn't exercising during my pregnancy, I think that being healthier would have benefited me.

Here are my stats for beginning of week 4:

SW : 153.6 lbs

GW : 135 lbs

CW : 146.4 lbs

WL : 7.2 lbs

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