Apr 23, 2013

Product Review - Fast Metabolism Diet - Week 2

The Fast Metabolism Diet - Week 2

My first week is completed.

Here are my thoughts so far:

The first two days were difficult because I felt hungry, even though I don't think I really was hungry (I'm thinking it was thirst).  Because of all the fruits and veggies, I found myself running to the restroom fairly often for tinkle time....it was like being pregnant.  The second two days (Phase II) were the hardest of all because I'm not a big meat eater, but since I LOVE eggs (and egg whites), it worked out just fine.  The last three days were, by far, my favorite...I enjoy eating nuts and adding coconut oil to my food...Mmmmm.....

Now I've started on week 2 and I feel as though I have a handle on everything and hopefully the meal packing and planning will be easier.  I find it slightly challenging when we're sharing meals with others, only because we have to plan a meal that will work for all of us and not cost a small fortune.

I didn't really touch on that point too much, but keep in mind that the food for this diet is expensive as there are foods that I would normally not eat.  An example is the deli meat, the kind that is ideal for the diet has many restrictions and therefore is quite pricey, but as it's the most convenient protein source for two working parents, it's what we decided to eat for lunch and/or snacks as a protein.  Normally, we don't have any deli meats around at all.

One thing I'm missing, is dairy.  Specifically, I mean cheese.  I love cheese.  We have an on-going love affair that has now cooled for the next few weeks.  So I'm suffering a bit over that, but in reality, the foods are really delicious and the recipes in the book are super helpful because I don't have to work too hard to plan things.

Here is my menu for week 2 (Mr. Hollybroke has some slight variations based on preference):

Click to make it larger

Now, copying from Tammy of Skinny Mom's Kitchen, here are my stats for Week 2:

Starting Weight (SW) : 153.6 lbs

Goal Weight (GW) : 133.6 lbs (I just did 20 lbs, I don't have a goal, really)

Current Weight (CW) : 151.0 lbs

Weight Loss (WL) : 2.60 lbs

Notes:  I've discovered that I've gained two whole pounds of water weight as my little visitor is arriving this week to torture me for a few days.  Hopefully, next week you will be able to see that I've lost a decent amount of weight.  

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