Feb 26, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Another Baby Blanket

I started on the other blanket and now have two on the hook.  I haven't worked much on the blanket for my girl since the last picture I posted, but it's coming along....

Here is the one I'm making for my SIL's little lady who is on the way.

This picture seems small, but if you click here, then you can see my Ravelry project page and maybe get a closer shot.

Hmm...well, maybe this picture you can see some of the stitch detail.

The pattern is from a baby blanket book that I just got, The Best of Terry Kimbrough and it's called Simply Soft.  The pattern stitch is fairly subtle, so with this wild yarn, you can't really see it, but it makes a fluffy and warm fabric, so I think it will be great.  I plan to stick a border on it, but I have no clue yet where that will go...maybe something simple or something really girly, like lacy ruffles; we'll see.

Feb 24, 2014

Nesting or hunger?

I've been baking....A LOT....not always successfully (as is my usual).  Please note that these photos are not mine, they are courtesy of other people much less lazy than myself.  I have all of these pinned, here.

I baked some of these:

Baked Oatmeal Muffins
These were ok, definitely lacking in sweetness, but that could be from the wintertime blueberries...frozen may have worked better (and more sugar...Mmmm...sugar)

And these:
Diet Soda Cupcakes
These had the potential to be good and there are some other versions of them out there that I want to try, but the Strawberry Cake mix is far too strong in artificial strawberry flavor, so I was not really a fan.

Also these:
Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies
These were good, but as usual, I made a mistake.  I baked them with regular rolled oats and not quick cooking, so they were toothsome.  Fine for me and my little family, but  probably not something that would appeal overall.  Also I left out the raisins...ick...raisins.

Some of these:
Low Fat Cranberry Scones
These were really good...and that is all....also they were easy to make...not really a traditional scone.

87 Calorie Cheesecake
So easy to make, and I didn't mess them up...yay...really tasty, especially with some fresh fruit.  They would be just as good plain too.

A bunch of these:
Strawberry Shortcake Cookies
Delicious, but I added too many strawberries, so they didn't set up perfectly.  But they were so good.  The only thing is that they don't keep long because they are such a "wet" cookie.

I have to say, this is excessive baking, especially for me, but I just can't help it.  So far I've been fairly successful with baking stuff that is pretty healthy so that I don't need to worry too much about getting chubby, pregnant or not.

Feb 17, 2014


What's been going on...?  Well, I'm just over 6.5 months pregnant...to those who remember the "lingo", I'm 27 weeks of 40....on the way and growing bulkier and more awkward by the day.  On the plus side, it does give me an excuse to try and relax more, which in some ways is nice.

I started a baby blanket for my SIL; she's having a daughter too.  I actually started a few different ones and this yarn has been a thorn in my side for years.  I've been trying to figure out how to use it.  I'll go into it more on Wednesday...provided I don't frog this one too.

Valentine's Day has come and gone and as is our life now that we have a 20 month old....no more dinners out, alone.  I haven't figured out how to balance his bed time with having someone watch him and get him down at night.  I can't even have Mr. LIH get him to bed at night...something we seriously need to work on before Baby 2 gets here.  My son seems quite sensitive to schedule changes and reacts vehemently for days afterward in which we all suffer, together...as a family unit.

We've started preparing the Baby's room; Mr. LIH is pulling up the staples from the old carpet and cleaning and shining up the wood floors....then added shoe molding.  Next up, painting and blinds, then ceiling fan and furniture...maybe even some curtains....Soon we will have to move E to a bed (more like a mattress on the floor) and get the crib and bassinet ready for our new arrival.  No name decided yet....

Other than the mounds of snow falling from the sky, regularly, nothing much else is happening, which I suppose is a good thing and so I shall conclude my.....synopsis.

Feb 12, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Abstract Cats

Well, I had some hopes of finishing up this blanket in the past week.  In fact, I've barely had time to work on it at all.  A few rows here and there, but my son was needy and we had some company over, so no rest and no crocheting.

I want to make all of this baby girl stuff, but I have requests for two baby blankets....yes...two...so those will probably come first; cute little, frilly girl dresses come second, and third is that new pattern from Ysolda for her mystery shawl KAL.  I want to make that in the worst way, but I know if I start it before the other "must do" projects, I won't get the baby blankets done.  I've been browsing patterns and will likely start another one this week.

I don't have a picture today, because, really, it looks fairly similar to last week, so you'll have to stay on the edge of your seats to see how it will look next week...ahem

Feb 10, 2014

Stuff I love

Yeah, so...that little heart button on Ravelry...it's dangerous.  I think I will blow up their website with the tag for "baby".

Here are some of the highlights of that scary jungle:

That is a little piggy romper....holy crap....I can't get over it, in fact I don't even have words.  I only know that I have to make this and stick my baby in it.

Little birdie....and I love the little bows...

Remember how I told you of my torrid affair with the bloomers...this pair is great because it's perfectly plain and ready for customization.  They also appear to be quite functional.  The best part...it's a free pattern from our friends at The Purl Bee.

Since the baby will be here in May (hopefully not any sooner), it will already be getting quite warm, so most sweaters and heavy stuff is out, which, when you're talking about knit/crochet is a large chunk of the pie.  Mmmm...pie.

Feb 5, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Baby Blanket

I'm halfway through this little pink fluff now....and on the horizon is another one.  I promised my SIL that I would make one for her baby girl too.  I have the yarn in mind, now to dig up a pattern....hmmm...so many possibilities.  Anyway, my current blanket is flying off the hook and I'm hoping to be done by next week; it's hard to say because sometimes my son lets me crochet and other times...well...he doesn't.

Feb 3, 2014

Monthly Menagerie - January 2014

I haven't done this in a while, but it's nice to see what I was blabbing on about for the past month.