Feb 10, 2014

Stuff I love

Yeah, so...that little heart button on Ravelry...it's dangerous.  I think I will blow up their website with the tag for "baby".

Here are some of the highlights of that scary jungle:

That is a little piggy romper....holy crap....I can't get over it, in fact I don't even have words.  I only know that I have to make this and stick my baby in it.

Little birdie....and I love the little bows...

Remember how I told you of my torrid affair with the bloomers...this pair is great because it's perfectly plain and ready for customization.  They also appear to be quite functional.  The best part...it's a free pattern from our friends at The Purl Bee.

Since the baby will be here in May (hopefully not any sooner), it will already be getting quite warm, so most sweaters and heavy stuff is out, which, when you're talking about knit/crochet is a large chunk of the pie.  Mmmm...pie.

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