Apr 15, 2014

Dress FO

This dress is adorable and I could probably make hundreds of them.  It's so easy to customize, if you choose and it can be worn as a little jumper or just as a dress with a onesie underneath for warmer weather.

This is the second pattern from her site that I've made and she really has quite a good collection going over there.

My modification for the pattern making itself, was to join in the round after Row 6.   What I will do with it for wearing, is flip it around so that the open part will be in the front and tied with a ribbon.  I might even trade out the ribbon for buttons and then do a ribbon woven around the "waist" and tied in the front.  We'll see, as I really dislike sewing on buttons.

This pattern is the Angel Wing Pinafore by Maxine Gonser.  My Ravelry project page.

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