Apr 16, 2014

WiP - Baby Blanket

I went on to Little Knits the other day.....and I saw this yarn.  It's discontinued, but I knew it had to be a baby blanket and for the price, I couldn't pass it up.

Since it's such a busy yarn, I figured I wouldn't bother with any kind of fancy design; you wouldn't be able to see it anyway.  Instead I chained about 150 and did double crochet until I ran out of yarn...about 10 rows.  I grabbed my Bernat Baby Sport in Kiwi to make an "accent" row of tilted squares, using Mypicot's Openwork Lace # 2042.  I can't link directly to the pattern, but her site is awesome.

The first time, I used the same size hook as the rest of the blanket, but it pulled a little tighter than I would like, and that was with me actively trying to keep the stitches big and loose.  So the second accent row was done in a hook that was 0.5mm larger...so from 4.5mm (body of blanket) to 5.0mm (H hook).  I think it works out much better now.

Here is my Ravelry Project Page.  Don't worry, I'm still working on my vest, but my issue is that I keep finding breaks in the yarn.  Although Knit Picks has compensated me for the one skein, another one has had multiple breaks and weak spots...it's getting rather frustrating.  I'm on my third skein for the project and I have about 30 ends to tie in already.

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