Apr 14, 2014

Home Life

One more week and I'm on leave from work for 4 weeks (maybe) before Lily gets here.  We've decided on Lily Hope and I think it's nice and not too complicated.  My goal is to make it to 38 weeks, I'm not greedy, I don't need all 40 weeks, but I'd like to get a little further than I did with my son.

I'm both terrified and excited.  With Mr. LIH starting a new job and us having two kids, and the house to juggle, things have become somewhat more complicated.

You know that your weekend was busy, bordering on too much when you're ready to go back to work because it's easier.  The weekend was BEAUTIFUL, it's that time of year again for mulching, planting, weeding, cleaning, and Mr. LIH had so much of it to do...I could only participate so much.

Tomorrow he starts his new job and we're both nervous and excited.  It means more money, but with more money comes more sacrifice from your home life.  I'm a little nervous to handle dinner, bedtime, and cleaning up all by myself while being so largely pregnant, but it's only a few days then at least I'm off from work.  Once I'm not working, I know I can do it.

Also tomorrow is the first night for the Passover Seder.  We will go to my in laws and hope that Ethan stays content in his chair for the readings...fingers crossed.

Enjoy some spring leaves.

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