May 15, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Olive Basket Cardi

I'm loving this pattern...miles of stockinette with a nice neat mossy border....makes me do a happy dance...except that I don't actually dance b/c I'm slightly chubby and more than slightly, lazy.

One thing that I noticed, and unfortunately, it was about 6" into the body, was that the RS, right edge was a little wonky and loose.  I tried to gently stretch the loose loops back into the fabric and I was not really successful, so I decided to knit a few more rows with the first stitch held tightly, still, no luck.  Well, now I decided to just slip that first stitch and voila, nice even edge, no loops.  It might be the way that I knit versus the way that I purl, but either way, I solved my first knitting issue all by myself and it didn't mess up anything (yet)...

I'm also really crushing on the yarn.  It's the Berroco Vintage DK and it's smooth and stretchy.  It slides nicely along on the needles, holds shape rather nicely, and the colorway is just slightly heather-ed for a woolly look without being 100% scratchy wool (I can't go near the generic wool yarns alone).

Here she is:

Olive Basket Cardigan by Amy Miller
Ravelry Project Page

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