May 16, 2013

Checking in

Life has been CRAZY, CrAzY, crazy.  Family obligations, moving into a new house, millions of projects around the new house so that we're happy with unpacking, UNPACKING (still in progress), my outrageously bad poison ivy rash (14 days and counting  ya'll), and E not sleeping.  This equals a very stressed out lady on this side of our blogging relationship.

Keep on the journey with me, because I really always have something to say or express my opinion on and I'm always looking for validation feedback about whatever it is I'm blathering about.

Back in January, I made some plans to update this place and clean out some of the cobwebs.  I'm working to expand my reach...and influence people to do my biding...and maybe help some people along the way.  In my real life, I'm somewhat overbearing in my aggressive need to give advice, it's a terrible habit, by the way, and I would suggest that you do not take it up and having an outlet here is probably better for me and all the people that I annoy on a daily basis.

I'm still debating how much to expand the subject base here, simply because this was originally a blog for me to yammer about crafty stuff, but I think I enjoy having a sort of overview of egocentric.

In summary...I think I will continue with product reviews, WiP Wednesdays, Photo Fridays (although this isn't so popular, really), PCH updates, and my "being healthier" trek.  I might sprinkle in some words of idiocy wisdom about being a mommy and some other random bits of business, but luckily for the World of the Web, you can just skip the crap posts that you don't like and move along to the ones that you do.

If you're really good, I might even show you a picture of my rather shameful yarn stash...seriously, it's a little insane.

Wish me luck !..?

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