Aug 29, 2012

No 'Poo'...(nothing gruesome, promise)

I promised that I wouldn't share anything overtly gross, and I will stick to it, but if you're really crazy about hand washing or scared of dirt, then maybe this post will give you the creepy-crawlies.

I have decided to try the 'no-poo' treatment for my hair.

Some quick details about my "physique":
  • 11 Weeks post-partum
  • NOT breastfeeding 
  • Straight hair, thin shaft, lots of it
  • PCOS - not on birth control 
Since I stopped taking birth control, my hair has been a mess.  Then I got pregnant and all during my pregnancy, I kept waiting for the "beautiful, glossy, perfect" never came (same goes for stronger nails....pfft). 
Over the past two years, I've tried numerous, fancy, organic, magical, and miraculous hair products, all to no avail.  Mostly, this is due to my PCOS (and probably my genetics).  What really tipped me off to my hair of nast was when I got my hair cut and blow-dried at a salon.  I walked out with my hair still looking somewhat limp, cruddy, and dry.

I had been reading many "raw" and vegan articles and blogs, and I came across the 'no-poo' experiment.
Loving it Raw is a site that has some "recipes" and progress photos.  Nature Moms discusses some of the chemicals found in haircare products and a how-to. 
I'm not worried about the various chemicals, more, I'm tired of store bought stuff that doesn't add anything special and costs me lots of $$$$$$.

It's been 2 weeks, and my hair is finally losing that slightly sticky film that forms near the roots when you first start the change.  Some sites suggest transitioning if you can't deal with having yucky hair, but as I'm a ponytail devotee, it was smooth sailing (mostly) for me.
I use baking soda/water for cleansing and white vinegar/water for moisturizing.  I make the mixtures in a mason jar and put them in a spray bottle for easy application in the shower.  I'm currently investigating deep conditioning, and leave in conditioner "recipes" that will improve the texture and shine.

My hair does not smell dirty or like vinegar, it's relatively easy to comb through, my hair is soft, and the ends do not feel dry and/or frizzy. 
Overall, I plan to stick with this regimen and see where it takes me.

Aug 28, 2012

Yarn Review - 100% Silk DK Weight - ColourMart

Despite my apparent laziness, when it comes to my blog, anyway, I think I will review some yarns here.  It will help me to keep track of my thoughts on the various yarns that comprise the millions of pounds in my stash.

The first yarn that I'd like to review is one that I'm currently knitting into an Ishbel Shawl
My Project Page

It's called "100% Silk DK Weight" and its sold by ColourMart (a UK based site with fabulous yarn).  I paid about $22 for a "skein" and that is quite a value for a 100% silk yarn.

Weight: 150g
Yardage: 540yds
Fiber: 100% silk

Ravelry Page

I use this particular picture because you can see the beautiful sheen.  This yarn is actually that shiny.
Although it's not soft, as silk is not overly "soft", it does work up very well.  No splitting or knotting, as it slides very nicely through your hands.  It's rather slippery at first, but you quickly get used to it.
The colorway that I purchased, was 'Stainless' and it very much resembles a shiny, silvery coin.

FO - Summer Solstice Mystery KAL

Although I finished this shawl in the very beginning of August, I felt I should add some pretty photos and a post to this blog.

Pattern: Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL 2012
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino (Topaz 332) - 2.5 skeins
Needles: US-6 & US-8
Made for: Me
Notes:  For technical notes, please see my Ravelry Project Page.  As for the pattern, it was a fun knit.  I never felt bored or like I was slogging through any parts of it.  What I think was sort of interesting about this, is that I found many different ways to block it.  If you browse through the projects section (which I always do before I make something) you can see the many different results for the very same shawl.

This is a close up of the pretty.  I think that even this yarn was a tiny bit busy for the pattern, but it still came out quite lovely.  If you decide to make this yarn, don't go too dark or light and try to keep the yarn more solid to semi-solid, otherwise the pattern does get swallowed up.

These pictures were taken with my new camera, the Nikon 5100 DSLR.


I'm seriously in love with this thing.  It's relatively easy to use and although it's bulkier, obviously, than a point-and-shoot, it takes fabulous photos.  I'm still learning all the functions AND I'm debating to take a class on learning even more.  I think that this camera is good for the casual user as well as a serious (non-professional) photographer.  I was not compensated for mentioning my camera; I just love it.

Time for a shameless kitteh photo.

Aug 20, 2012

Changes - all good

My life has morphed, in leaps and bounds.

I have an Expansion Pack now for my family.  My husband and I recently welcomed a baby boy into our little world and we're quite obsessed.  Our son is wonderful and everything we could hope for.  Here he is in all of his infant glory.

I'm going to try and begin posting again, as I'm still knitting and crocheting whenever I have a spare moment.  I will also try and design some patterns, but that requires a level of concentration that I have not enjoyed since before I was pregnant.