Aug 29, 2012

No 'Poo'...(nothing gruesome, promise)

I promised that I wouldn't share anything overtly gross, and I will stick to it, but if you're really crazy about hand washing or scared of dirt, then maybe this post will give you the creepy-crawlies.

I have decided to try the 'no-poo' treatment for my hair.

Some quick details about my "physique":
  • 11 Weeks post-partum
  • NOT breastfeeding 
  • Straight hair, thin shaft, lots of it
  • PCOS - not on birth control 
Since I stopped taking birth control, my hair has been a mess.  Then I got pregnant and all during my pregnancy, I kept waiting for the "beautiful, glossy, perfect" never came (same goes for stronger nails....pfft). 
Over the past two years, I've tried numerous, fancy, organic, magical, and miraculous hair products, all to no avail.  Mostly, this is due to my PCOS (and probably my genetics).  What really tipped me off to my hair of nast was when I got my hair cut and blow-dried at a salon.  I walked out with my hair still looking somewhat limp, cruddy, and dry.

I had been reading many "raw" and vegan articles and blogs, and I came across the 'no-poo' experiment.
Loving it Raw is a site that has some "recipes" and progress photos.  Nature Moms discusses some of the chemicals found in haircare products and a how-to. 
I'm not worried about the various chemicals, more, I'm tired of store bought stuff that doesn't add anything special and costs me lots of $$$$$$.

It's been 2 weeks, and my hair is finally losing that slightly sticky film that forms near the roots when you first start the change.  Some sites suggest transitioning if you can't deal with having yucky hair, but as I'm a ponytail devotee, it was smooth sailing (mostly) for me.
I use baking soda/water for cleansing and white vinegar/water for moisturizing.  I make the mixtures in a mason jar and put them in a spray bottle for easy application in the shower.  I'm currently investigating deep conditioning, and leave in conditioner "recipes" that will improve the texture and shine.

My hair does not smell dirty or like vinegar, it's relatively easy to comb through, my hair is soft, and the ends do not feel dry and/or frizzy. 
Overall, I plan to stick with this regimen and see where it takes me.

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