Aug 28, 2012

Yarn Review - 100% Silk DK Weight - ColourMart

Despite my apparent laziness, when it comes to my blog, anyway, I think I will review some yarns here.  It will help me to keep track of my thoughts on the various yarns that comprise the millions of pounds in my stash.

The first yarn that I'd like to review is one that I'm currently knitting into an Ishbel Shawl
My Project Page

It's called "100% Silk DK Weight" and its sold by ColourMart (a UK based site with fabulous yarn).  I paid about $22 for a "skein" and that is quite a value for a 100% silk yarn.

Weight: 150g
Yardage: 540yds
Fiber: 100% silk

Ravelry Page

I use this particular picture because you can see the beautiful sheen.  This yarn is actually that shiny.
Although it's not soft, as silk is not overly "soft", it does work up very well.  No splitting or knotting, as it slides very nicely through your hands.  It's rather slippery at first, but you quickly get used to it.
The colorway that I purchased, was 'Stainless' and it very much resembles a shiny, silvery coin.

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