Apr 7, 2015

Project Round Up

I have finished those Anna and Elsa dolls that I spoke about here. No formal pattern was written up really. I did write something for Anna's cape, but it's not edited and I'm not sure it's really that fantastic.

I've made a baby blanket for my dear friend who has recently become a new mommy to a cute little baby boy. I'll also dug deep and made a pillow with his initial sewn on with buttons. You can see the project details here.

I'm obsessed with granny squares, but not the traditional ones. So I've started producing some 5" squares in baby weight yarn for the guest room bed to get a decent sized blanket on it.

I jumped on the band wagon to make the Cowl Neck Poncho....but...I'm not sure yet how it will turn out. I don't have too much left on it, maybe just a few rows...but it's not coming out exactly right and I'm not sure if blocking will do the job either. So I've kind of stalled on it until I decide to frog or finish and try to block. It's acrylic, so once I block it...I will kill it. Project details here.

I finished a crazy shawl pattern that I was dying to make for my sister. She is really into dragons and so this pattern was just perfect. I talked about it briefly in the fall. I pulled it out and restarted twice before I finally got something remotely close to the gauge in the pattern. Considering that you have to count to more than 600 for the starting chain, it was a valiant undertaking. Project details here.

I finally completed a baby blanket for Lily that has been hibernating since Spring last year. It just needs the ends tucked in and a decent blocking. I love the way it came out and it's bigger than just a regular baby blanket, so she can use for a number of years. This pattern is somewhat made up by me, using a stitch for the green from mypicot. Project details here.

I made a cowl for a friend of mine and she just loves it. I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I make something for someone and they actually use it. I was careful to send her a list of patterns that I could and would make along with some yarn suggestions from my stash....I had to hedge my bets that she would like, you know....Project details here.

I made a sweater for myself in the early fall. It was a fairly easy project and it's a really nice addition to my closet for the fall and spring weather. Project details here. Apologies for the sad looking cell phone shot...I never remember to get a picture with my real camera.

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