Mar 23, 2015

Spring Renewal

As the weather here in the Northeast US continues to warm, new beginnings seem to abound. Although the New Year celebration is more of refresh for starting a new year, I feel like the Springtime offers longer sunshine days, warm happy outdoor activities, and a realization that you can always begin again.

Life with two children has been bewilderingly challenging (sorry 'bout that) and I find myself forever scrambling to keep up with just the regular daily grind. That means my blog, crafting, reading, game playing, socializing, and general sanity have been compromised.

I have a plan.

Mr. LIH and I have worked to figure out how to make things just a little bit easier. We each plan to take a day off work to cook meals for freezing for a month. This should leave time for me, after work and/or in the evenings for all the above mentioned hobbies, AND exercise.

I miss writing patterns, crafting, having quiet time for reading without feeling guilty because there isn't anything healthy to eat for dinner and now we're going to have pizza or chinese food.

See you all soon! When I visit again, I'll write about what crafting I have been up to.

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