Aug 19, 2014



I think we have found our stride.  It seems that things have finally smoothed out.  I can breathe again and little E can walk again.

Lily is GROWING.  I forget how fast it all goes, but in so many ways, I'm thankful for that.  Newborns are hard work.  She has been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks now and that's like a little miracle.  She holds her head up on her own now, miracle two.  Soon it will be baby cereal and sitting up.  Even though I'm in a small rush to see her a little more independent, it's an amazing thing to watch her personality emerge.  Everyday is something new.

I have had some time for crafting.  I've started this top. fits terribly so far.  In the pictures it looks so great on people, but not me.  I still have a few more inches to add and maybe it will carry the bulk away from my midsection.  If not, I may add a few more inches to try and get a better fit.  I would hate to pull it all out and it might not be me but maybe my choice in yarn.  We'll see.  It might look better in a drape-ier weight and material.

The pattern itself is sort of well written.  I feel like, it could have been edited better.  I think if you're a beginner, or even a not-so-confident intermediate crocheter, I would avoid this one for now.  Here's my project page.

One thing that I've been sort of chugging along on when I have any free time is a garter stitch blanket made in this yarn.  It makes such a cozy, easy to care for blanket and I had four skeins of it left over.  Whenever I have a free moment, I pick it up and add a few stitches.  So far, I've managed to get through two and a half skeins...

A few days ago I cut off about fifteen (FIFTEEN) inches of hair from my head.  I was so tired of it and alllll gone.  Here's a sort of strange and forlorn picture of my ponytail.  And the second is a less forlorn but possibly just as strange Before and After picture of me.

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