Jul 11, 2014

3 Down And 3 To Go

Half way.....it feels like forever and it's going so fast.  Little man has adjusted rather well and I've been lucky to be on maternity leave so that I can stay home and care for him.  I also hired a nanny for three days a week and have had various family helping me every day.

I'm not sure when I will be able to resume my posting....my biggest obstacle to free time is my 6 week old little lady.  She is high maintenance and happy to be that way.  She's somewhat colic-y and seems to be a rather cranky infant.  That means, right now, my time is consumed with trying to ease her gassy tummy and help her get sleep.

Soon, 2 weeks in fact, I go back to work.  Little lady will go to daycare and little man will have our very wonderful nanny until his cast comes off.  Hopefully, at her 2 month mark her miniature system will grow out of the colic and we can actually leave the house.

Right now, she hates her car seat (even with the car moving or the stroller...strolling), hates when you sit and hold her when she's fussy, hates her crib, hates her boppy, and hates her play mat; also, occasionally hates the baby sling.  I literally have my hands full of baby most of the time.

Wish me luck because I really, really, REALLY miss having some time to knit or crochet.  But, in a crazy way, it's nice to have both kids at home with me and I know that I will miss them like mad when I go back to work.

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