Apr 2, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Girlie Dress

I have yet to block the monster blanket, or finish the one I started for my little girl, but I need a break from blankets for the moment, so I've made and finished a sweater (I'll post that tomorrow) and I've started a dress.  Ironically, it's not any of the dresses that I have featured on some of my Monday posts about baby girl stuff, but it's quite lovely anyway...

The pattern is called, Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore and so far, it's chugging along at a good rate.  I would say that her patterns aren't very elegant, but they get the job done.

My gauge seems to be off, the pattern is coming out much larger than normal for me.  Usually I have to go up a hook size as I tend to crochet tighter than gauge, but not with this project.  I'm not sure this will fit a newborn...maybe more like 3 months.

This yarn, the Bernat Baby Sport is really nice.  Good stretch and it's very soft.  It also comes in these huge skeins, which is nice for churning out a bunch of baby stuff that all matches (if you're into that....which I totally am).

Here is my Rav Project Page.

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