Mar 31, 2014

New Development, the annoying kind

I have to say, this second pregnancy is much more difficult than the first one.  Ironically, this time around, getting pregnant was actually easy, unlike with my little boy, but I seem to be having all kinds of hormone induced health problems.

We can start with going to the doctor in  December for a cold and she making me wear a heart halter monitor for 24 hours and then sending me for an EKG because I had 9% extra and skipped beats.  The caffeine, but all the extra blood volume has my heart doing the jig...all right...

Abdominal muscle one seems to mention this much, but holy moly is it uncomfortable.  Apparently, all the "stuff" inside me is pushing against my ab muscles, forcing them to part in the middle.  This causes me to have almost a constant ripping/burning sensation across the top of my stomach area.  The only solution, literally, is lying down.

And finally, I failed my glucose tolerance test, and proceeded to fail the 3 hour fasting glucose tolerance test by a hair and now I'm watching all my carbs and checking my blood sugar 4 times a day.  I know things could be worse, etc etc, but seriously...annoying.  It's kind of hard to balance all this stuff while working all day and caring for a toddler at night.  It's only for 3 more weeks, then work is over for a while until the baby gets here.

Ok, griping over.  I am really happy to be having another baby but sometimes I want to complain about it

Here I am....all 32 weeks (this week is 33) of pregnancy glory.

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