Apr 10, 2014

Product Review - PB2

I have to say...this stuff wasn't bad.  I mixed it with some water, slapped it on toast and ate it all up.

I will say that the water ratio suggested on the package is not all that successful, I had to use rather a bit more water, which I suspect, washes out the flavor somewhat.

The texture was fine, on toast, as toast is inherently rough, but I think that if you were to smear it on fruit, you might find the texture a bit off from regular peanut butter.

I felt it was lacking on salt, but I like salt, maybe more than lots of other people, so there's that.

My next goal is to bake with it.  My biggest challenge with weight loss has been the lack of peanut butter.  I love it and I love it in my baked goods.  I see endless posts of people who swear that it's perfect to bake with, so I will report on that when I get a chance to find a recipe and give it a go.

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