Apr 7, 2014

Fingers update

So this past week Ethan had the pin removed from his thumb and the enormous cast was replaced with a much smaller cast, leaving his fingers open to the air.

The office visit was awful, he cried the whole time.  He wasn't even in pain, he just cried and cried.  The orderly began removing the cast (they unwind it) and he cried....then they removed the gauze, yet more crying....ugh.  Even when you know it doesn't hurt, and even when you know that the whole process is for their own good, it's tough.  You're never really prepared for parenthood until you're stuck in it.

So, the next steps are to clip his really long fingernails (ick) and then four weeks in this cast.  After the four weeks, he moves into a night time cast with a splint that will accompany weekly physical therapy for up to 8 weeks, depending on how well it all goes (I guess).

Not too shabby, as the doc thinks he will not need further procedures.  He says that the thumb seems fairly stable right now and it's nice and straight, so fingers (er...sorry) crossed that it stays that way.

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