Sep 19, 2013

Thursday Weigh-In

Hello folks.  Another week has slipped past us.  It has been a struggle lately to maintain my weight, mainly because I want to eat everything in sight, but for the most part I did ok.

My son is now 15 months old and coming right along..running, screaming, tantruming.......

WW Stats:

CW: 129.2 lbs

GW: 128.0 lbs

SW: 148.2 lbs

WL: +1.0 lbs

Notes:  Well now comes a blip.  To be honest, 1 single pound doesn't really mean too much.  I have knocked two points off of the additional points they have given me, so we'll see, next week if that does anything.  It might be that the points that I have gotten for maintenance are too much.  Fingers crossed for next week!

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