Aug 21, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Granny Stripe Blanket

Back again to my enormous granny stripe blanket.  I've been working on it quite a bit lately and yet the pictures I thought I took aren't anywhere to be found....

I'm still in love with it, but I wish I had added some more colors.  I'm a tiny bit tired of them, despite how many there are.  I'm thinking to sneak in a few, but we'll see.

If you remember (which you likely, don't), with this project, as I run out of the scrap yarn color it gets dropped from the palette and I figured that with 30 or so colors, I would have plenty of colors.  Well, it seems that I've dropped about 10 colors already and I'm not yet half way through, so...the last third of this blanket might wind up with only 10 different colors...I feel like some planning is in order.

Pattern Page (LOVE THIS LADY !!)

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