Aug 22, 2013

Thursday Weigh-In

This past week went pretty well.  I did a lot of walking in place....BORING, but it works.

Unfortunately, it seems that the increased exercise has started to bother my poor, unsuspecting joints.  My right knee has started to bother me in a big way.  It's not so much the pain as my worry over what the pain means.

A few years back I had a meniscus tear on my left knee and had surgery after physical therapy didn't work.  Back then it was fine, no big deal, but now....UGH, between my weight loss journey and my child, having surgery is really the very LAST thing I want to deal with.  The pain feels exactly the same, but I'm really hoping it's just from over use and that with some icing and remembering to always wear sneakers, it will get better on its own...::fingers crossed::

WW Stats:

SW: 148.2 lbs

GW: 130 lbs

CW: 130.3 lbs

WL: -1.0 lbs

Notes:  Really close now, I'm guessing that by next week I will have reached my goal weight (yay!).
I'm a little bit apprehensive about switching to a "maintaining" diet.  I'm worried that I will not be able to keep from gaining weight; I realize that WW knows what they are doing, but I've just worked so hard for months and to start gaining again would make me really sad.
I also have this little voice in my head that's telling me to lose more weight; it's not enough, keep going...but I know that the weight I'm at IS healthy and that it would be unhealthy to be any slimmer.  I think my body has yet to fully recover from being pregnant and that is partly where those thoughts originate from, but I can't help thinking that they come from society's views on the female body.  I really won't get into that here, but I feel like I've been brainwashed and when I look at myself in the mirror, I'm not satisfied with what I see.

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