Jul 29, 2013

Progress Photos

I'll try not to get too philosophical or "deep", but I want to share my progress, mostly in terms of losing weight, but slightly in terms of buzz words, personal growth.

Before I was pregnant, I had allowed myself to creep up slowly, year after year, with my weight.  I was never concerned...2 to 3 pounds this year, maybe 4 pounds another year....After a while it all adds up, until you look at yourself and you cannot believe the body that you're trapped in.

I wanted to be a healthy, thin, beautiful pregnant woman...well, I did not achieve this goal.  Because I lacked discipline and an exercise routine, I gained weight normally, but I was not fit.  Pregnancy wound up being a very difficult undertaking with a very rigorous labor and delivery.

Now, moving past all that stuff and we get to the meat of the issue, the very essence of the human attitude and something that I have in boatloads, denial.  I would stand on a scale and think...eh...a few more pounds, no big deal, I will never be one of those people who just let themselves go....or I would make constant excuses for myself, always thinking that the weight would just come off if I ate one less cookie that day.  Was I ever wrong.

I realize now that I have to take control of any situation in my life (if I can) and make it happen.  Getting pregnant took months of fertility treatments and doctor visits, being pregnant was a similar experience, and now being a parent.  None of these things, "just happen".  I went to the doctor for help and lucky for me, along came Baby E.  I started dieting and exercising and again, lucky for me, I started to lose weight and feel a whole lot better, both physically and mentally.

So here we are, 20 pounds lighter and feeling a whole lot happier.  I still plan to lose another 7 or so pounds, but even if I don't, I'm pretty satisfied with my success.

Before and After

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