Jun 24, 2013

Little bugs

I had grand plans....ok, well, may not grand, but....plans.  Unfortunately, late Thursday night, or...rather, early Friday morning I was over taken, by germs.  I thought it was food poisoning, but when I came down with a rather nasty fever, I knew....actual illness, yuck.  So, Mr. Hollybroke was away and here I am, with the baby, SICK...

Luckily, I have some rather helpful in laws, and Friday morning, I called them up to take E to day care.  Off he went, and up to bed I went.  I couldn't eat at all, I just slept ALL DAY and then my wonderful in laws again, came along and picked up E from daycare and brought him home to me.  Now, here is where I had to dig deep....I just had to make it until Mr. H came home at 9p.  I somehow managed to do E's dinner, bedtime routine, and get him down to sleep before collapsing in bed....where I stayed until Saturday morning.

So between resting, caring for E, and running to the W.C. I did not craft ANYTHING...so this week is a bust for knit news, sorry...

But I will do my Thursday weigh-in (which might be abnormally low due to my 36 hours of no eating) and my Photo Friday...see you then!

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