Feb 13, 2013

WiP Wednesday - Granny Stripe Blanket

I've written about this behemoth already, but I dug her out and added a few inches since the last photo and I figured I would share that here.  I'm not sure yet where this blanket will end up.  On my bed or the guest room bed, but we shall see.

Anyway, here she is, in all her gigantic and HEAVY glory.

There are 30 different colors of yarn and they are in an established "pattern", but as they run out, then I just skip that color.  This picture does not really show how big this blanket is, but when I do the final reveal post (no clue when that will happen) hopefully, I can capture how big she is.

What I like most about this pattern is how mindless it is, I can churn out row after row and watch it grow.  Something else that I appreciate about this pattern is how it calls back to the granny square without actually being a wonky, misshapen granny (I seriously dislike the standard granny square, unless it's small).

My Ravelry Project Page
Original Pattern by Attic24's Lucy

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