Feb 11, 2013

Being Healthy While Knitting and Crocheting

Honestly, I did not plan to write a post about this.  But, a recent post from a blog that I follow "knit and tonic", did a post about taking care of your body while preforming our much loved crafting activity.  While reading the post, I realized that I have some medium pain issues and they are partially due to or maybe just aggravated by, my knitting and crocheting frenzies.

I won't go into too much detail here, as the blog post by knit and tonic is quite comprehensive.  She also has links to her friend Lyndsay Hass, who is a physical therapist and a knitter....so, she gets our pain.  Here is a link to a specific article, written by Lyndsay where she details some activities to help heal up your body for even MORE crafty goodness.

One last thing, take some time to read the comments on the knit and tonic post, as people have some really interesting ideas.  Also check back in with knit and tonic later, as she plans to address some specific concerns expressed by commenters.

I hope this helps you (it has helped me).

Now if only I could stretch like my kitties, then I'd be all good...

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