Jan 25, 2013

Ribbit Cowl Project - FO

I have completed yet another cowl, and like the others, I plan to have it available in my Etsy store. It's an improvised design, as I couldn't find something as simple as this. I hesitate to write out what I did, in case I missed something in my pattern quest. I will include it here for now, but if someone feels that I've swiped their pattern, then I will have to take it down.

Sorry for the yucky iPhone picture....

Pattern: My own improvisation (Ribbit Cowl)
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Kaya - Spice Market (110 yds total)
Needles: US10 (6.0mm)
Made For: Etsy Store
Notes: I cast on  80sts, placed a stitch marker, and joined to form a circle.
Next I knit 5 and purled 5 around
I continued this until my cowl was approximately 8 inches tall and loosely bound off with a size 11 needle
Ravelry Project Page

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