Oct 26, 2012

iPad2 Review

I disappeared from here again.  Life can be hectic and brain numbing as a new mom.

Here is my reward for being a mom.

I'm still working on a pattern to release, but I haven't yet decided whether to sell it or offer it for free.  I will say that it's a scarflette and that it will be perfect for the holiday and winter times.  Here's a sneak peek (sorry for the not so great cell phone pic).

Now it's product review time.  I will include links below.

I recently (and buy recent, I mean about 8 weeks ago), purchased an iPad2.  I very much debated purchasing one.  They are expensive and, in my  mind, not overly practical.  My objective was to try and decide between a laptop or a tablet, then once I decided on the tablet, I wanted one I knew that people use and love.  Everyone that I asked about the iPad, loves it.  I read a few more reviews, because I still had to decide which iPad to buy.  For my purposes, I did not need a better screen resolution or any of the other minor upgrades for the "new iPad", and I decided on the iPad2.

So far, it is extremely useful.  I use it ALL THE TIME.  My only caveat to the otherwise utter bliss that I feel with this device, is, that it's not useful for blogging.  Here is where I made a mistake. 

I belabored over a case to purchase.  I had only one requirement; it had to be a 360 rotation case, so that I could prop my iPad vertical or horizontal without removing it from the case.  I discarded the idea of a keyboard as they are quite expensive and they can scratch the screen, unless you buy protectors, which would be even more money.  So, I purchased the best case in the world (I really do love it), but I really wish I had gone with one that includes a keyboard.  Now I'm scouring Amazon, trying to find one that is affordable, but also good.  Any suggestions are welcome !!!

Be back soon.

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