May 17, 2010


I've been fairly busy of late.
We have been running around, straightening up our home and helping others straighten up theirs.

Once Saturday we were doing this:

Then this past weekend we accomplished this, in our backyard:

Now although this doesn't look that good, it's a vast improvement over last year.  now that most of the wood is gone we can start getting rid of the budding rainforest and hauling some dirt back there.  Soon we may even have grass!!  And a small garden!  I'm very excited.

I've discovered that my regular camera takes marginally ok macro pics:

This is a bunch of nails that are bunched together for roofing.  But they look so interesting.
Here is another, this time of fully opened tulips:

Although I have yarny things to show, I will post them next time.  For now you can keep track of them on Ravelry.

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