May 17, 2010

Dramatic Gauntlets - Free Pattern

I have another free pattern to put up.  I have not closely edited it, so if there are any errors found, please let me know.  I will gladly edit the pattern and repost, if necessary.  Enjoy!
Ravelry - pattern link
Ravelry - my project page

Pattern - PDF


  1. Wow those are amazing they look complacated thanks for the pattern

  2. These are gorgeous! After the second attempt, I think I'm having trouble understanding rows 5-7, or maybe I got lost on 3 or 4. Can you break it down a bit more?

    1. Hello. If you email me with some more details, I can try to help you. I've read over the pattern and it seems clear, but if you're more specific with me, I will gladly work it out with you. Email :