Mar 14, 2010

My gown and some knitting

Hey all...
Here is a picture of my finished gown.  Front and Back.  I loved making it, unfortunately, with all the commotion of wedding planning and my new anti-dep meds I lost 15 lbs.  So fun figuring out how to take in a crochet anyways, here she is:

I've started knitting Multnomah (rav link).  Love it!  I got to learn a new technique...the "long tail cast-on".  Once I learned how to do it, it went fairly well.  Not sure I prefer it to a regular cast-on.
I'm using Bernat Sox in Wooded Dennim.  Soft and works up well in this pattern. 
I've discovered how much I love knitting.  It's precision, just like I love crocheting.
Here is the link for my project (rav link).  Here is a photo of the start of this...don't look at my lame-o stitch

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